Property owners and contractors that perform environmental remediation can have pollution liability risks. Property owners may be liable if a pollutant was deemed to originate from their property, while remediation contractors can be named in litigation for improper cleanup – whether or not it was their fault.

Pollution can be a major concern for owners that:

  • Own property on a brownfield (i.e. industrial re-use) site
  • Own a environmental remediation business (ex: fire/water)
  • Work in an industry that handles hazardous materials, such as dry cleaning, auto services, and trucking
  • Perform contracting services

Many GL policies have limited to no pollution coverage and business owners having to defend or clean-up a pollution event can go bankrupt. That’s where Keystone comes in.

Keystone has developed a program that provides a full range of insurance administration, claims management, and risk control services.

This program is offered through our independent insurance agents. To request more information or a quote, fill out the form below.

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