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COVID-19 resources for our independent insurance agents

COVID-19 has placed a strain on independent agencies across the United States. Many are navigating new territory by operating with a remote workforce who are trying to process a slew of new customer inquiries and claims in relation to the virus. It can feel overwhelming. As a community, Keystone empowers our independent insurance agents by offering COVID-19 resources critical to continued growth and success during these uncertain times. Below is a snapshot of some of these tools. Understanding how we and our partners collaborate and share intellectual capital can help you determine whether Keystone is the right fit for your agency.


Financial impact:

We have prepared a financial impact tool to help partners calculate and understand the impact COVID-19 has placed on their businesses. Using these metrics, agency partners can weigh their current book against a potential percentage of loss, factoring in new business growth to determine the amount of true sales needed to offset this loss, keeping them on track for continued profitability.

Streamlined carrier updates:

While there has been an uptick in business interruption claims, COVID-19 has slowed the usage of other insurance including medical/non-medical benefits or personal auto. In response to changes reflecting this new normal, carriers are offering more flexibility in payment terms, cancellations, and rate changes not to mention incentives for new business – a positive benefit but challenging to keep up with. In response, we remain in continued communication with our core carriers to document these updates and share the most up-to-date information with agencies.

Sample communications:

As agencies shift to remote work in response to stay-at-home orders, customers want to understand how to contact their agents and report claims. We’ve prepared scripts to use regarding agency closings, remote work, and re-opening the office to make life a little bit easier for our partners.

Webinars for navigating policy changes including business interruption and claims submittals:

Our loss control advocates have held frequent live webinars with partners addressing specific questions on how claims should be handled during COVID-19. All questions posed thereafter are shared within the community as well, promoting confidence that partners can handle specific client inquiries.

Sales strategies during COVID-19 including digital marketing and prospecting:

Agents may wonder whether it’s appropriate to prospect in the current environment or how to leverage digital marketing resources when they can’t meet in person. Through our in-house university, we’re sharing these sales strategies by way of virtual presentations and partner panels in conjunction with industry experts and thought leaders.

Compliance updates:

Federal information clarifying how the FFCRA and PPP programs affect employee benefit programs and/or tax incentives are continually announced and discussed. Each week, we summarize these major changes in legal briefs and share them with partners through compliance updates.

Toolkit for re-opening:

We have shared helpful safety, HR, technology, and operational considerations in re-opening businesses via virtual meetings. In addition, we’ve provided resources and plans in a toolkit for partners to use within their own agencies and to share with clients.

Infographics for social media:

Re-opening after state shutdowns and preventing the spread of COVID-19 apply to both agencies and their customers. As part of our re-opening toolkit, we’ve designed easy-to-follow infographics for agents to share on social channels and in client communications.

Portal resources:

All COVID-19 related updates are accessible to all agencies on our private partner portal.

Being independent wasn’t easy before the pandemic. Keystone brings national resources to independent insurance agencies to help bolster your businesses locally, so you can continue to strengthen the communities where you work and live. If you’re interested in having a partner to help you navigate the best and the not-so-great times, click on “Join Us” and let us know how we can help.