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Shared Development of Resources and Advocacy – a Conversation with the IIABA

By January 4, 2021Blog Posts

In the madness of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is normal to feel isolated and maybe even (a bit) powerless. In business, we must work with our allies for guidance and support to build a shared plan for resilience.

The Independent Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA; Big I) is one of the most trusted outlets for advocacy, education, support, and networking. In the fall, our CEO David Boedker sat down with IIABA President Bob Rusbuldt to talk about how each of us has helped champion the spirit of independence with specific resources critical to navigating these challenging times.

The discussion has been shaped into a 5-part, short video series on topics relevant to the needs of today’s independent insurance agencies.

Episode 1: Shared Legislative Advocacy (about 3 minutes)

The IIABA and Keystone have served as a legislative voice in Washington and on the carrier side, helping to advocate for business practices favorable to independent agents. Did you know, agents own their books of business because of the Big I?

Episode 2: COVID-19 Challenges and Solutions (about 3 minutes)

When COVID-19 began to shutter businesses and mandate remote work, the lifeblood of many sales agents – in-person meetings – waned. How do you maintain, much less grow your book and maintain profitability? Educate, expand, and empower. In the face of adversity, Keystone developed a plan to leverage digital marketing resources, share claims and HR best practices, and create tools to calculate profitability and communicate with clients. Likewise, the IIABA’s Trusted Choice platform is an industry-led outlet for agents to learn proven sales tactics while building successful marketing strategies.

Episode 3: We Pledge to Provide (about 3 minutes)

Independent agents are unique in that we have expanded menus of choice and flexibility to support the individual needs of clients. With the support of the Big I and communities like Keystone, agents can further expand their market access while adding new ways to protect their agencies, too.

Episode 4: Resources for Young Agents (about 6 minutes)

Contrary to popular belief, younger agencies are entering the insurance industry and filling leadership positions. The average age of owners is trending down. Keystone and the Big I offer specific initiatives, InVest and Emerging Leaders, to help young agents network, learn, and grow.

Episode 5: Better Product Development through Representation (about 5 minutes)

Keystone’s agents not only derive tremendous value from IIABA resources, they strive to give back with representation on state boards and committees. The result is reciprocal idea sharing that leads to improved product and service development and implementation.

If you are not currently involved in your state’s association, we strongly encourage you to join. If you are an independent agent seeking to grow and leverage added resources, guidance, and a plan for improved profitability, talk to us at no obligation.