Growing a healthy independent insurance agency takes fortitude. You need a vision for the future, a plan to get there and resolve for the journey. Keystone partners with you to strengthen your agency. We provide expertise and tools to help develop your team, your operations, your relationships with carriers, and the services you provide to clients.
Agency Management
Agency Support Services
Carrier Relations
Organic Growth

   Agency Management

Keystone provides a wealth of operational tools to help you maximize the value of your agency, enhance compensation potential, and perpetuate success well into the future.

Available resources that help you define successful operational strategies include:

  • Benchmarking tools
  • Best practices
  • Buy/sell arrangements
  • Employment management
  • Financial management

   Agency Support Services

Agency support services are the main points of contact to help agents navigate Keystone’s offerings and carrier relations.


  • State vice presidents are responsible for connecting agents to the appropriate resource based on your agency’s needs. They foster intellectual capital sharing of best practices. State VPs also assist agencies with strategic business planning. They are an agency’s carrier liaison and work with both parties to develop mutually agreed upon business goals and supporting marketing plans.
  • Agency service coordinators are the internal support for state VPs and their respective agencies. They assist agencies with appointments, licensing, and meeting planning.

   Carrier Relations

Keystone’s carrier relations and profit and growth offering serves to enhance and monitor profit and incentive opportunities. We work with companies to identify, create, and share specialized carrier marketing opportunities with agents. Our claims management services improve communication, and ultimately the outcome of losses through early involvement.


  • Negotiating contracts and contingent compensation plans on behalf of the Keystone partnership.
  • Routine production, profitability, and growth analysis to ensure the health of the entire book.
  • Foster intellectual capital and best practices sharing with our carriers and partners.
  • Negotiate new business incentive plans.
  • Book roll assistance.
  • Assist agencies and carriers in the rehabilitation of unprofitable core books of business.
  • Advocating the broadest interpretation of a policy for the benefit of the policyholder.
  • Conducting TPA claim audits of carriers resulting in savings on reserves and fees.
  • Accessing high-level claim contacts with companies that have decision-making authority.
  • Reviewing denied losses to ensure the denial of coverage is proper.
  • Reviewing large losses on a monthly basis for reserve reduction and to enhance profit sharing.
  • Assisting in identifying other sources of recovery including enhancing subrogation and indemnification agreements.

   Organic Growth

The organic growth team helps agents identify and hire quality producers and maximize the success of their existing sales team.

Building a winning sales team means hiring the right people and training them effectively. Keystone offers training platforms that position sales and support teams to become niche experts, better manage their sales pipelines, and win larger commercial business.

Combined with our in-house experts, Keystone works with a select group of industry consultants to customize training and sales management solutions.


  • Candidate training, testing, screening, interviewing, and hiring assistance.
  • A proprietary, web-based training curriculum.
  • Advanced sales training for seasoned agents and sales managers.
  • Sales management technology to help producers track sales more efficiently.
  • Sales management training – tools leaders need to manage their sales team.
  • Mentoring to prepare the next generation of agency owners.
  • Agency leadership consulting and facilitation of annual planning retreats.
  • Account Manager/CSR training on identifying cross-selling opportunities.
  • Proprietary risk management training designed to give agents a competitive edge by learning how to amend mistakes in a customer’s work comp plan and earn a Certified Work Comp Advisor (CWCA) designation.