While Keystone can strengthen your bottom line, it’s about more than that. We exist to provide peace of mind to real people in neighborhoods around the country. Together, we can safeguard livelihoods, bolster businesses and fortify communities.
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Keystone connects you to a community of other independent agencies. Keystone partner agencies understand the challenges of being an independent agency. By joining Keystone, you’ll get access to the partner network, enabling you to learn from one another and pursue independence together.


Each Keystone agency benefits from the experience and expertise of the others. If you come across a unique client need, you can tap the knowledge of other Keystone partners. Keystone corporate offers an array of products and services that address any challenge you might face. We also understand what it takes to strengthen your agency and offer resources to support the growth of your agency.


We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships with insurance carriers. Fostering these relationships provides partners with added influence, streamlined service, and an inside track for elevating issues requiring higher levels of attention. This enables you to better meet your clients’ needs and serve your community over the long haul.

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Visualize yourself – the agent – presenting at the client’s place of business. The graphic below demonstrates how Keystone augments the services and skills you can bring to your clients – helping you win and retain more business.

Intellectual Capital Sharing

Keystone serves as an extension of your agency. We connect you to a community of other independent agencies who understand the challenges you face, enabling you to learn from one another and pursue independence together. This level of intellectual capital sharing isn’t commonly found with other agency communities.

Agency Management

You work hard to help your clients mitigate risk to improve their bottom line. Whatever your agency’s growth goals, including perpetuation of the next wave of leadership, we can help you develop a plan to meet them with our Agency Management and best practices platforms.

Risk Management

Retain clients with our risk management experts. We’ll review your clients’ safety and HR protocols to develop a comprehensive safety program that meets state and federal compliance laws.

Claims Management

Unfortunately, claims happen, but how do you handle them? We have dedicated representation to help improve the outcome of complex claims through carrier audits and training on reviewing reserves.

Property and Casualty

Differentiate your agency with specialty programs, surety, and in-house account placement. We’ll train your producers to become product specialists while developing niche market expertise.

Business Development

No matter the size of your agency, we can help you target larger, more complex accounts with our unique business development solutions.

Financial Services

Enhance your business relationships with financial services, including life, disability, long term care, and annuity solutions. We offer point of sale support and advanced case design.

Employee Benefits

Want advanced revenue generating opportunities? Grow your agency’s value by winning and retaining new employee benefits business. We’ll help you implement benefits programs for your clients, from education to servicing, taking the burden off your agency.

Producer Recruitment and Training (Organic Growth)

We can help your producers track their pipeline and train them to enhance their cross-selling acumen. We have built customized sales and new producer training programs. Many producers land 6-figure accounts soon after training with us!

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Agency Testimonials

After more than 30 years and considerable expansion, we found that oftentimes the best way to learn about Keystone is directly from our current agency partners.

We aren’t the largest agency in our area; but with Keystone, we now we feel we have all the capabilities they have, if not more.

Stephen Sedlak, PrincipalSchmale Insurance Agency, Inc. | Belleville, IL

The most positive change I’ve seen since partnering with Keystone is the attitude of our people. Keystone gives us a sense that we’re not in this alone. We don’t think of ourselves as a regional agency anymore. We’re part of something bigger. We now have a national footprint: markets, tools, resources, programs, and staff. We feel we can compete with anyone.

Tom Montileone, PresidentBarker Phillips Jackson, Inc. | Springfield, MO

Our agency has benefited tremendously from services including risk management, agency management, producer training, claims mitigation, and business development. We’re able to share information and work with other agencies like we’re one company. It’s a huge benefit to have relationships like that.

Forester Adams, PrincipalMAI Risk Advisors | Augusta, GA

Keystone has transformed our agency, helping us structure and move forward with acquisitions in order to grow. The ability to learn from other partners and the knowledge sharing is powerful.

Steve Smith, PrincipalInSouth Insurance | Huntersville, NC

We have been a Keystone partner since 2017 and our relationship with Keystone is helping all facets of our business from helping us achieve better sales meetings, providing fantastic training for our team, HR help when we need it and resources to our clients that we didn't have access to before. The intellectual capitol we have gained from our partners is priceless and the relationships that have formed and grown is a beautiful thing! If you're not a partner you are missing out!

Lisa Lemanski, OwnerMeiers Lombardini Lemanski Insurance | East Lansing, MI

Our agency has been a partner since January 2014. Our agency has been in business since 1930 and I have been President since 2004. Becoming a partner is the single best decision that Joseph M. Wiedemann & Sons, Inc. has made since my tenure at agency. The scope of services and the expertise that they bring to our agency is exceptional and it allows us to continue to be independent and continue with our closely held ownership goals.

John Wiedemann, PresidentJoseph M. Wiedemann and Sons, Inc. | Arlington Heights, IL

Recently, a growing number of independent agents have surrendered their ownership to large conglomerates. As a third generation agency, my Dad and I chose an alternative route; by partnering with other leaders in the insurance industry without compromising our principles, pride, or ownership.

Keystone has helped provide resources for growth in employee benefits, products, human resources and more. However, the most valuable tool within Keystone is the intellectual power when you look around the table. You're with like-minded agencies who value their employees and communities enough to not just sell off to a large aggregator.

The Keystone partnership helps breakdown barriers that typically exist between "competitors" and allows us to flourish individually and as a network. We view this as one of the most important decisions in our agency planning.

Tyler Bartosh, PrincipalSpire America Holdings, Inc. | Traverse City, MI

Keystone helped me make time to work on my business and not live inside the daily grind.

Beth Towe-Heck, PresidentTowe Insurance | Charlottesville, VA

We're more focused on growth and more comfortable going after bigger accounts with someone behind you who can help.

Belinda & J.L. Brenizer, Vice President & PresidentHawkins Harrison Insurance |Edina, MO

We have the mindset we are not your average midsized insurance agency. We are now equipped. It gives our staff the confidence to know Keystone has our back and will assist us in every way possible.

Russ Wardlaw, PresidentInsuramax, Inc. | Louisville, KY

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